Director message

Lockon Vietnam is a subsidiary company invested 100% by Lockon Co. Ltd. in Japan.
Lockon is a software developing company, which develops AD EBiS, No.1 online marketing
support suite in Japan, and EC-CUBE, No.1 open source shopping cart system in Japan.
Based on parent company’s philosophy “Impact on the world”, we aim at becoming
a presence that makes people all over the world happy by our services and products.We think you will get a lot of benefits by working with us.
1. Be able to develop our famous product(s) from Japan
2. Be able to work in a global environment where both Japan and Vietnam teams
cooperate really closely
3. Be able to learn latest online marketing knowledge and technology
4. Be able to learn how to work as a professional of Japan or global standard
5. The more ambitious you are, the more growth opportunities you get
We desire to develop products which people all over the world will use, in Vietnam.The way to achieve that might be a really hard one.
But we believe only people who aim for the top can reach there.We respect Vietnamese culture. We fuse it and Lockon culture to build our own.
That’s the way for us to reach to the top.Why don’t you join us to create Vietnam’s future together?