5 core values

We are given courage and passion from many events, and this gives us our daily power.
Athletes that achieve never-attained before records. Works by artists that are the jewels of human endeavor. The numerous great deeds accomplished by those
historical figures. We have revolutionary products and services to usher in a new age, and equally we have the power to move your heart.
Why is that? Maybe, behind it all is the unending endeavor of everyone involved.
We believe that we, too, can bring something to the world if we run on with high ideals in our hearts. These ideas are included in our corporate philosophy, “Impact On The World.”
We always want to be a dynamic corporation, and bring hopes and dreams to more and more people. That is our wish










1. RESPONSIBILITYTrust is honest and faithful mind to everything and gain skills that surpass their expectations.Effort to learn enough skills to be trusted and faithful mind like “Want to respond to others’ expectations” can build a relationship of trust. Trust enables us to achieve a goal, and finally we can provide a service in our right mind. Each member’s trust makes Lockon more trusted organization.2. SPEED

Speed is working based on the plan made quickly and carefully aiming to the substance of the purpose.We cannot get a good result if we proceed to start the plan slowly and if the plan is not made carefully. We can get the best result by highest speed of planning and executing, and get the opportunity to be further growth. Each member’s speed makes Lockon more dynamic organization.


Identity is polishing up “the natural personality” to “the strength above all others” by day-to-day effort. Having “the strength above all others” is becoming an unrivaled professional in our own field. At the same time, by respecting the belief as professional, we can recognize the existing value of ourselves in the society. Each member’s identity makes Lockon to be an organization that thinks outside the box.


Innovation is having global mind, inputting information actively and cultivating ourselves. In order for an individual to develop, the attitude of incorporating daily technological progress flexibly to change ourselves is required. Such a pile of daily efforts is the only way to achieve the next level. Each member’s innovation makes Lockon to be an organization that keeps creating a revolution.


Independence is carrying out our responsibility and developing our own life. Draw a vision, and do our best to realize a dream. Only strong ambition can become driving power to solve day-to-day problems and become energy to achieve the goal. Each member’s independence makes Lockon to be an organization with unlimited possibility. As Lockon is expanding, we are looking for AMBITIOUS people to make our world better and happier.